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I graduated from McGill University in Anthropology in 1981, and became a Doctor of Homoeopathic Medicine in 2002 through the British Institute of Homoeopathy. I am a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner and a Therapeutic Lifestyle Coach for diabetes and obesity. My husband Ken and I raised two children in Owen Sound, ON, where I have taught at Georgian College and the At Last Forest School.

  • First Name: Sue
  • Last Name: Seguin
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Availability: In person, by phone, and online (by appointment only)
  • Location: Owen Sound, ON, Canada
  • Spoken Langages: English, French, Spanish
Health Practitioner - Private Consultation
1997 to present

Menopause Mentor & Guide - Private and Group Consultations
2010 to present

Owner - Apteka Natural Health Products
1997 to 2005

Educator - Georgian College
2016 - Present

Educator - Forest School - Young Children
2017 - Present

TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Coach)

Metagenics (USA/Canada) | 2008

First Line Therapy for Diabetes and Obesity

Metagenics (Tier III Certification) | 2007

Practitioner of Homoeopathic Medicine

British Institute of Homoeopathy | 2000

Diploma, Homoeopathy

British Institute of Homoeopathy | 1998

B.A., Anthropology/Cartography

McGill University | 1981


A hands-on energetic therapy that encourages and augments emotional and physical healing.


A medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself using minute doses of natural substances like plants and minerals to stimulate the healing process.

Gluten-Free Practitioner

A specialist in food allergies and intolerances who can assist in the discovery and alteration of the diet so clients can improve their general well-being or reduce chronic conditions.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Coach

A health coach who works with diet, stress management, fitness and general lifestyle choices to create conditions of health and help clients resolve or avoid debilitating conditions.

Peri-menopause and Menopause Mentor

A guide who brings together the best dietary, fitness, mindfulness and mental health information. Available for individual client consultations or group training sessions.


Years of Alternative and Natural Medicine


Years as a Therapeutic Lifestyle Coach


Years as a Gluten-Free Practitioner

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get in touch


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Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Sensible Food Choices

  • Client : Susan L

Seeing is believing! The change in body shape happened almost immediately. I looked at a picture of me six months ago and I was amazed. Sue helped me stay emotionally stable while undergoing important cell restoration. I feel energetic. The food choices are easy and sensible. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you Sue for all your knowledge in this type of therapy.


Wonderful to Work With

  • Client : Christine N

Three years ago I was finally diagnosed with Celiac disease after many years of a myriad of health issues. I was so fortunate to find Sue and she has been wonderful to work with. Her vast knowledge, caring and sincerity have been invaluable to me in understanding how to cope with the disease. I know that through time, I will eventually be much healthier and will be forever grateful for Sue’s guidance.


Clear Explanations

  • Client : Sheilah S.

As a health care professional I’m very familiar with allopathic medicine and don’t hesitate to use it when it’s necessary, but prefer to adjust and correct symptoms nutritionally and/or with natural remedies.  Following menopause I sought Sue Seguin out for guidance with symptoms of insomnia and anxiety, which felt more physiological than emotional in nature.  She was brilliant.  She was patient, giving thorough, well-rounded attention to my concerns, asking questions to flesh out her assessment and offering swift care options.  Her clear explanations of things allowed me to feel confidence in my ability to correct these symptoms.  Not just masking it or band-aiding it.  I would definitely seek out her skillful expertise again.

Healing Hands

Healing Hands

  • Client : Ken D

I had warts develop on both of my hands. After several years of trying off-the-shelf ointments and doctors, I had a consultation with Sue. After taking my case, she put together set of remedies that acted so quickly I could literally watch the warts disappear day by day. They were completely gone in three weeks and have never returned. Amazing!